Present Occupation

[Jan 2016 - present]

Head of Data Analysis and Interaction at Airbus Group Innovations UK

Role: I manage the Data Analysis and Interaction team, located within the Operational Intelligence Domain and the Data Driven Technologies Innovation Centre, Airbus Group Innovations. My team is distributed across three sites and two countries, and the Domain has presence in the three main core countries of the Group (UK, France and Germany)

Main responsibilities include:

  • Manage and lead the team
  • Advise, challenge, develop and support the team, in particular at the time of execution of plans and validation of deliverables
  • Reconcile organizational goals with the personal goals of the employees, coordinating efforts towards a common purpose
  • Fostering engagement of the team by being an ambassador of the organisational unit.
  • Operation, planning and management of the team, including team costs targets, budgets and revenues.
  • Acquisition of projects and contracts, including from regional, national and European sources.
  • Management of research projects, their results and their transfer both to internal and external customers.
  • Portfolio management
  • Liaise with the Domain Manager and Roadmap Leader to allocate resources to projects following the company's matrix organisation.
  • Hiring new staff members

   Previous Occupations

[Feb 2012 - Dec 2015]

Research Team Leader at Airbus Group Innovations UK

Role: Manage and lead the research of the Information Fusion team at the electronics, Communications and Intelligent Systems Technology Capability Centre.

[Dec 2011 - Dec 2014]
Honorary Lecturer at Cardiff University, School of Computer Engineering and Informatics

Role: Invited lecturer on Pervasive Computing and Networking.

[Nov 2010 - Jan 2012]

Lead Systems Engineer at Airbus Group Innovations UK

Role: Lead the development of Intelligence Fusion software. Advice in technology requirements for the team's research project environment. Responsible for the IT infrastructure of the centre in the UK.

[Aug 2008 - Noc 2010]
Research Associate at the Distributed Information & Automation Laboratory (DIAL), Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge. Also Auto-ID Lab Cambridge

Role: Participation in UK goverment, EU and industry sponsored research projects, in the areas of RFID, sensor systems, supply chain and lifecycle management, AI and multi-agent systems. Representation of the University in international journals, conferences and research meetings by means of publications, seminars and review processes. Active participation in RFID standardization activities and the Auto-ID lab Cambridge. Supervision of student projects

[Oct 2007 - Mar 2008]
Visiting Research Associate at the Distributed Information & Automation Laboratory (DIAL), Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge. Also Auto-ID Lab Cambridge

Role: Participation in activities and projects aiming to integrate RFID and sensors for condition monitoring. Main project: EU sponsored BRIDGE, in integration architecture specification, sensor-enabled tags for ambient intelligence and Smart Object specification. Completion of Ph.D thesis.       

[Sep 2003 - Feb 2004]
Internship at FUJITSU, Spain

Role: Project support at Integration Department: Administration of Windows and Linux Systems, security and back-up supervision, JSP programming and     Apache/Tomcat installation with database connectivity...

[May 2003 - Aug 2003]
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.  

Role: Customer support, hardware repair, network configuration, computer intallation, equipment maintenance, software testing, Novell network configuration under Linux...

And also...

- Teaching experience in computer courses 

- Two month's working experience at Tony Roma's Restaurant Valencia, Spain, International chain of Restaurants with more than 220 locations on five continents